Summer Happenings, Autumn on the Horizon

August 16 2017

The tomatoes in our garden are beginning to turn red, which means it has been a hot summer, and that autumn won’t be long now... The season has been punctuated with plenty of swimming and productive studio time.
Wild Family at Border Patrol in Portland, Maine

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I'm excited to share a new body of work entitled On Borrowed Time, which draws inspiration from Kennedy White House sympathy stationery I inherited from my mom, and considers grief in an intimate scale. The black piping used is influenced by Victorian era mourning practices and each piece in the series is meticulously handmade. The display shelves double as archival storage, which quote keepsake and funerary boxes. Each piece is stamped with my mom’s maiden name, Mantzke, in a wax family crest. The language within is derived from end of life utterances, the words of hospital doctors and hospice nurses, and phrases that lodged themselves in my mind after her death.

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On Borrowed Time
premieres at the Border Patrol in Portland, Maine, Aug. 18 - Oct. 28 with an opening reception this Friday, Aug. 18 from 4-6 pm.  Stop by to see the work in person and say hello.

Residency in Two Dot, Montana

In June, I was invited to be a guest artist at the Two Dot Residency, directed by Seattle artist Ruth Marie Tomlinson in rural Two Dot, Montana. During my time there, I developed and began production of the On Borrowed Time project. I was honored to inhabit the beautiful space, long hours of daylight, and spacious quietude that the occasion afforded, and of course, to take in Big Sky country.

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A Coincidence of Molecules Article Published on Vignettes

Seattle’s Vignettes recently invited me to interview artist Tessa Bolsover regarding her recent Marquee exhibition, Soon our bodies will be other buildings. It was a joy to share in the occasion of writing about her work and creative process.

Image credit: Tessa Bolsover, Soon our bodies will be other buildings

Notions of Home Exhibition at Photographic Center Northwest

Just shy of the autumnal equinox with an opening on Thurs. Sept. 14 at 6pm, the group exhibition Notions of Home, curated by Michelle Dunn Marsh, will debut a site-specific installation from my project Freeze and Thaw: Remission, Recurrence. I’m thrilled to exhibit this work for the first time. I will be giving an artist talk in conversation with artist, friend, and colleague, Zack Bent, whose work is also featured in the show. Mark Thurs. Oct. 19 at 6:30pm on your calendars and stay tuned for more details on the exhibition programming soon.


It’s been a busy few months! I look forward to seeing you soon and hope you enjoy these remaining summer days.