Beyond the Veil at Lilla Galleriet, Gerlesborg Sweden

May 2 2017

New exhibition from artists Erin Elyse Burns and Samantha Albert

Beyond the Veil opens May 19th at Lilla Galleriet in Gerlesborg, Sweden


Beyond the Veil is a body of work that is a collaboration between Seattle-based artist Erin Elyse Burns and Sweden-based artist Samantha Albert. The exhibition offers a series of photographic performances, sculpture, and video. The work explores obscured bodily gestures through the use of vivid color, seductive shape, and ephemeral form. Immateriality and camouflage within the immense and varied landscapes of Bohuslän evolve into a mythology of inexplicable moments that both reveal and conceal. To exist beyond the veil conjures a mysterious and hidden state of knowing and the unknown.

Samantha Albert and Erin Elyse Burns: Beyond the Veil

Opens 19 May 2017 – Vernissage from 18 - 21:00

Exhibition duration: 19 – 21 May 2017

KKV Bohuslän
Lilla Galleriet
Skärholmen 1
457 48 Hamburgsund

+46 523 518 95