Cornish Arts Incubator Residency

February 27 2015

From February 23 - March 7, I'll be participating in a new Cornish College of the Arts program called the Arts Incubator Residency, which will host Post-disciplinary Text(s), a residency curated by Julia Greenway and Jessica Hoffman, who invited twenty cross-disciplinary artists from around Seattle to work in Cornish's black box studio to experiment and collaborate. There will be open house events at the end of the residency on March 6 and March 7.

The Cornish Playhouse Arts Incubator residency is designed to encourage artistic risk-taking by supporting artists in the creation of work that is outside the boundaries of their usual genre, discipline or comfort zone. The goal of the Cornish Playhouse Arts Incubator Residency is not to create a final, polished product. Instead, the residency is designed to give artists time and space to “incubate” - to develop an idea or concept and explore it.

Artists include Jessica Hoffman, Babette Pendleton, Vanessa DeWolf, Greg Bem, Victoria Jacobs, Laura Aschoff, Mimi Allin, Sierra Nelson, Chelsea Werner-Jatzke, Matthew Spencer, Whitney Bashaw, Kjell Hansen, Brendan Griffin, Kristen Ramirez, Dakota Gearhart, Nat Evans, Erin Elyse Burns, Brandon Aleson, Joe Chiveney, Paul Nelson, Jason Conger and Ellen Ziegler.

Here's the program's Tumbler page and below there are few sneak peeks of what I'm working on - a project called Digital Traces that is filmed from the perspective of a digital device and focuses on the gestures and mark making our hands make.




And here's a behind the scenes video and some in progress footage.