TNFS Fellowship, Residency, New Work!

January 3 2016

I'm thrilled to announce that I have received a fellowship by The New Foundation Seattle to attend the Vermont Studio Center Artist Residency this March. I'm honored to be a recipient of this award and awed by the incredible work TNFS does. If you don't know TNFS, check them out!

In related news, I've begun a new project that started with an urgent desire to photograph my mom during a trip home this winter - something I hadn't done in an art context since my first year in college. This paired with heavy rains in Seattle this season and a leaky mailbox that washed away correspondence from a loved one has lead me to create what I'm calling "rainwater lifts." The process involves making digital ink photographic transfers, which I then leave out in Seattle's abundant precipitation and use the rainwater to "lift" the imagery from its page. Once lifted, I transfer these emulsions to other surfaces. I hope to explore the process fully while in Vermont.