Outer Space Presents: Gather, a New Performance Piece on March 4th, 2018

February 20 2018


Gather is a new one-day site specific performance art event by Erin Elyse Burns and hosted by local artist Forrest Perrine’s experimental art platform, Outer Space.

Gather will take place on a walking path loop in Discovery Park on March 4, 2018, a date that marks the one year anniversary of artist, Erin Elyse Burns’, mother’s death. To engage with the simultaneously isolating and community driven experience of loss and grief, Burns will walk a 4 mile loop in Discovery Park – a route that she traveled regularly during bereavement. On this path prior to the event’s start, she will lay out a stretch of black ribbon the length of the path.

This ribbon calls to mind varied mourning practices seeded in the Victorian Era, references family lineage and life lines, and charts the physical distance of the path as a way to demarcate the clarifying effect walking can have on the mind and body.

The performance will begin with Burns walking the route on one end of the loop, gathering the ribbon as she goes. On the opposite end of the loop, a group of invited community members will walk together, collaboratively gathering their end of the ribbon. The groups will meet, Burns will give her bulk of ribbon to the group, and both will continue on their separate paths until their walks are completed.


Gather aims to evoke metaphors of solitude and togetherness – burden carried alone, and burden shared. Following the performance, there will be a reception and the public are invited to view the sculptural object of the black ribbon with refreshments served. We’ll celebrate and acknowledge the joy and support community creates.

Interested attendees can see the procession of the gathering performers as they pass through points on the trail. Come to these points and you may have a chance to see us in the process of collecting the ribbon.

The maple tree clearing at GPS 47.65467, -122.41144 at around 10:15am
The pocket beach at GPS 47.66758, -122.42189 at around 10:45am
The southern overlook at GPS 47.657750, -122.423778 at around 12pm

If you choose to observe the performance, please respect our silence. Look for the Outer Space view point signs.

For the public reception at 1:30-4:00pm, look for signs under an old large leaf maple tree on the loop tail near the North Parking lot at GPS 47.664010, -122.416477.

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