Solo Exhibition at Vignettes Marquee

October 25 2016

I'm excited to announce I will be exhibiting new video work made for Seattle's Vignettes Marquee. Unfolding will be on view for one night only Thurs. Nov. 10th from 7-10pm, so please join us!
The work will be installed as a video diptych in two windows at Vignettes, in the El Capitan building at 1617 Yale Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 and will be viewable from outside while standing on Yale Ave near the Olive Way I-5 Exit. There’s a parking lot there that acts as an opening reception hang out area - come have a snack and view the work!

And here’s the Facebook invite:

“Rituals are sophisticated ancient intelligence about the body. Kneeling, folding hands in prayer, and breaking bread; liturgies of grieving, gathering, and celebration — such actions create visceral containers of time and posture. They are like physical corollaries to poetry — condensed, economical gestures that carry inordinate meaning and import. Rituals tether emotion in flesh and blood and bone and help release it. They embody memory in communal time.”

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