Spring Happenings!

February 28 2013

Spring is shaping up quite nicely with many projects afoot!

Heat Whispers launches at 4Culture's e4c Gallery this First Thursday March 7th and will be on display the whole year! Very exciting.


And a new project at Sally Schuh's a project space opens on Sat. March 9th from 6-8pm. 

Here's some info. from the Press Release about the work at a project space:

"In March a project space welcomes Erin Elyse Burns for a month-long residency. Burns will develop immersive video which will explore mental imagery inspired by composer John Cage’s 1980 piece entitled “Litany for the Whale.” The Cage piece is a vocal work for two voices with a call and response structure reminiscent of religious chants. The video Burns will create is designed to complement the sound through a series of vignettes, which build upon each other. In collaboration with London and Seattle-based musician, Jeremiah Cawley, the residency will include live musical performances on Wednesday, April 3rd and at the closing reception on Friday, April 5th."


I hope to see you often this Spring!