Unfolding: Giving Shape to a Poignant Time

December 6 2016

I'm honored to share this lovely interview Vignettes commissioned in response to my recent show, Unfolding, from the eloquent artist and writer Gala Bent. While Unfolding was a one-night ephemeral event, it's wonderful to be able to share the work online through Vignettes' elegant web archive. Enjoy the read!


Solo Exhibition at Vignettes Marquee

October 25 2016

I'm excited to announce I will be exhibiting new video work made for Seattle's Vignettes Marquee. Unfolding will be on view for one night only Thurs. Nov. 10th from 7-10pm, so please join us!
The work will be installed as a video diptych in two windows at Vignettes, in the El Capitan building at 1617 Yale Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 and will be viewable from outside while standing on Yale Ave near the Olive Way I-5 Exit. There’s a parking lot there that acts as an opening reception hang out area - come have a snack and view the work!

And here’s the Facebook invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/1532586926757783

“Rituals are sophisticated ancient intelligence about the body. Kneeling, folding hands in prayer, and breaking bread; liturgies of grieving, gathering, and celebration — such actions create visceral containers of time and posture. They are like physical corollaries to poetry — condensed, economical gestures that carry inordinate meaning and import. Rituals tether emotion in flesh and blood and bone and help release it. They embody memory in communal time.”


Unknown Landscapes Catalog Release

April 30 2016

The exhibition catalog for Unknown Landscapes: Navigating Internal Experience Through a Pacific Northwestern Lens is now available online for purchase!


Unknown Landscapes: Navigating Internal Experience Through a Pacific Northwestern Lens

April 3 2016

Vermont Studio Center Residency

March 26 2016

It's been a true gift to spend a month at the Vermont Studio Center. I've met incredible artists and writers from around the world, attended nightly readings, artist talks, and open studios. I've made some amazing new friends and been blown away by the creative output of this community, the generosity of the staff, and even reconnected with the first person to give me a job in the arts! Not to mention the legendary karaoke at the local watering hole and I met Bernie Sanders. No joke. Vermont, you've got me. Enjoy the snaps from my time below.

The first night in my studio for the month

Studio portrait by fellow resident Rafael Soldi

Documentation of my studio by Rafael Soldi

tl_files/news/VSC/30_VSC.jpgBernie Sanders Super Tuesday rally in Essex Junction, VT.

tl_files/news/VSC/03_VSC.jpgSnow fall on the Gihon river the last day of the residency.

tl_files/news/VSC/35_VSC.jpgThe VSC residents of March 2016

Work on View at the Tucson Museum of Art

February 5 2016

In Tucson? Stop by the Tucson Museum of Art during the opening gala on Friday, Feb. 26 from 4:30-8pm and look for my video work on view in the lobby. Both To the Touch I and To the Touch II will be screening through the spring exhibition season.


TNFS Fellowship, Residency, New Work!

January 3 2016

I'm thrilled to announce that I have received a fellowship by The New Foundation Seattle to attend the Vermont Studio Center Artist Residency this March. I'm honored to be a recipient of this award and awed by the incredible work TNFS does. If you don't know TNFS, check them out!

In related news, I've begun a new project that started with an urgent desire to photograph my mom during a trip home this winter - something I hadn't done in an art context since my first year in college. This paired with heavy rains in Seattle this season and a leaky mailbox that washed away correspondence from a loved one has lead me to create what I'm calling "rainwater lifts." The process involves making digital ink photographic transfers, which I then leave out in Seattle's abundant precipitation and use the rainwater to "lift" the imagery from its page. Once lifted, I transfer these emulsions to other surfaces. I hope to explore the process fully while in Vermont.



Punctum: 20th Annual Juried Exhibition at Photographic Center Northwest

October 6 2015

I'm excited to announce that my work will be included in Photographic Center Northwest's annual juried exhibition, curated by Julia Dolan of the Portland Art Museum. The show opens Nov. 7 with a closing artist reception, award ceremony and curator's talk on Thurs. Dec. 10. You can check out the complete list of artists and event details here: http://pcnw.org/exhibitions/punctum.

Mark your calendars!
Curator's Lecture: Thursday, December 10, 6:30pm at the Seattle Art Museum. Purchase tickets here.
Artist and Awards Reception: Thursday, December 10 at PCNW, 8-9:30pm


Seattle Art Fair

July 27 2015

I am thrilled to announce that a few new video works will premiere during the Seattle Art Fair this week! Head over to Via6 on Saturday, Aug. 1 from 6-9pm to attend a VIP Patron party in the sky! Music, cocktails, and of course, fantastic video art curated by Julia Greenway of Seattle's Interstitial gallery. 

Here's the announcement:
tl_files/news/canvas.pngAnd a video still from one of the pieces I'll be showing:

tl_files/project_images/to the touch/seaweedmoundclimbvideostill6.jpg

I hope to see you there and throughout the Seattle Art Fair - exciting and busy art times in Seattle this week!

Vignettes Exported

June 16 2015

Seattle's Vignettes gallery has posted its second feature highlighting the experiences I had while attending the Westfjords Residency in Thingeyri, Iceland. Click here to have a look at new works in progress, happenings at the residency, and a few Icelandic roadtrip images for good measure! A special thanks to Serrah Russell and Sierra Stinson of Vignettes for this opportunity.

tl_files/project_images/to the touch/reykjavikblue.jpg

Westfjords Residency

May 25 2015

Having just returned from the incredible Westfjords Residency, I'm honored to share that Seattle's Vignettes gallery featured my work on its series, Exported. Click here for the post Vignette's published while I was in Thingeyri, Iceland. I've tried to capture what it was like in writing and you can view both new works in progress and some behind the scenes images of the experience of working at a residency just shy of the Artic Circle!

tl_files/project_images/to the touch/poetryreading.jpgPoetry reading at the Open House at the end of the residency. The first residency cohort, founders, and family pictured.

Residencies afoot!

April 14 2015

I'm excited to announce that I have been invited to participate in the Westfjords Artist Residency this May! I will be traveling to Thingeyri, just a few degrees latitude south of the Artic Circle, to make work that engages with the landscape in idiosyncratic and personal ways. I am particularly interested in how interactions with the environment shape our physicality and am planning to delve into the lore of the region as a way to engage with local mythology.

I will be posting images here during my time in Iceland, so check back between May 7th - 23rd!

In other exciting residency news, I've been accepted to the Vermont Studio Center Residency for next year! I will travel to Johnson, Vermont to create new work in 2016. I'll keep you posted as the date approaches.


Cornish Arts Incubator Residency

February 27 2015

From February 23 - March 7, I'll be participating in a new Cornish College of the Arts program called the Arts Incubator Residency, which will host Post-disciplinary Text(s), a residency curated by Julia Greenway and Jessica Hoffman, who invited twenty cross-disciplinary artists from around Seattle to work in Cornish's black box studio to experiment and collaborate. There will be open house events at the end of the residency on March 6 and March 7.

The Cornish Playhouse Arts Incubator residency is designed to encourage artistic risk-taking by supporting artists in the creation of work that is outside the boundaries of their usual genre, discipline or comfort zone. The goal of the Cornish Playhouse Arts Incubator Residency is not to create a final, polished product. Instead, the residency is designed to give artists time and space to “incubate” - to develop an idea or concept and explore it.

Artists include Jessica Hoffman, Babette Pendleton, Vanessa DeWolf, Greg Bem, Victoria Jacobs, Laura Aschoff, Mimi Allin, Sierra Nelson, Chelsea Werner-Jatzke, Matthew Spencer, Whitney Bashaw, Kjell Hansen, Brendan Griffin, Kristen Ramirez, Dakota Gearhart, Nat Evans, Erin Elyse Burns, Brandon Aleson, Joe Chiveney, Paul Nelson, Jason Conger and Ellen Ziegler.

Here's the program's Tumbler page and below there are few sneak peeks of what I'm working on - a project called Digital Traces that is filmed from the perspective of a digital device and focuses on the gestures and mark making our hands make.




And here's a behind the scenes video and some in progress footage.

Dark Matter at the Chapel Performance Space

March 25 2014

I'm excited to announce that this Saturday March 29th at 8pm I will be part of a fantastic night of experimental music and video at the Chapel Performance Space.

Check out the trailer for Dark Matter which will debut with the score by Leaha Maria Villarreal performed live.

The official press release is below and you can access the digital invite here.

The Box is Empty presents new works by Seattle composer Nat Evans and New York-based composer Leaha Villarreal.

Evans has collaborated with writer Chelsea Werner-Jatzke and a team of lens-based artists to create a new work for chamber ensemble, field recordings, spoken text and a series of videos. More Comfort explores the evolution of our relation to different screens in our lives, mobile devices and televisions as a hearth place, and the nature of our contemporary interactions and language. The videos presented are by artist Rodrigo Valenzuela with additional video curation by Interstitial Theatre’s Julia Greenway.

Villareal presents a series of works for strings: a quartet originally written for the JACK Quartet, a septet, and a new trio. The quartet is inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days. Seattle artist Erin Elyse Burns will present a new video Dark Matter with Villarreal’s music. In addition to composing, Villarreal is also the artistic director of Hotel Elefant, which regularly presents contemporary music across New York City.

This week!

March 12 2014

Video Library (vol. 1) has its opening reception and viewing party tomorrow Thurs. March 13 at the Hedreen Gallery from 7-9pm. The exhibition is curated by Amanda Manitach and includes a rotating selection of videos by Seattle artists.

Currently on view (with additions and rotations through April 12):

Megumi Shauna Arai (in collaboration with Scott Everett), Andy Arkley, Zack Bent, Erin Elyse Burns, Saskia Delores, Ellie Dicola, Erin Frost, Dakota Gearhart, Klara Glossova (in collaboration with Janel Twogood), Jason Hirata, Rachael Lang, Kat Larson, Benjamin Van Citters (in collaboration with Dan Shumow & Wakuda), Joey Veltkamp and Susanna Bluhm
Here are some thoughts on the piece.

And! My brand new project Light Map opens on the digital exhibition space, Violet Strays, Friday March 14. Here's a sneak preview image for you.


Spring 2014 Happenings!

February 18 2014

As it turns out, I have a website! A lot has happened since my last blog entry... You can fill in the blanks with your vivid imaginations.

Lots of things brewing for this Spring!

Curator Elizabeth Brown jurored the group show Bodies at NSCC Art Gallery through an international call. I'm very excited to be included. It opens Thurs. Feb. 20 with receptions at 1-2pm, Brown's curator's lecture at 2pm, and another reception at 5-7pm. I hope you can make it.


Amanda Manitach has put together an exhibition of all video work at Hedreen Gallery called Video Library (vol. 1). As the title suggests, there's more greatness to come! The show opens March 13th from 7-9pm. Come check out some northwest video work.

On March 14th I will be launching some new work on Serrah Russell and Alyssa Volpigno's amazing online exhibition space Violet Strays. More details coming soon!

And as if March weren't amazing enough already, I'll be priemiering a new video in collaboration with the fantastic Leah Villarreal at the Chapel Performance Space on March 29 at 8pm. Composer Nat Evans has organized this event and will be debuting an exciting new work in collaboration with writer Chelsea Werner-Jatzke and artist Rodrigo Valenzuela. It will be an incredible experience for the eyes and ears!


August 28 2013

tl_files/news/NEPO5k2012_Photo Eric Becker.jpegPhoto by Eric Becker

I'm super excited to be making work for the NEPO 5K again! Below you'll find this year's press release.

Alwyn O'Brien and I will be collaborating on a performance piece entitled Idle in which we will create a tree swing in Daejeon Park. We will swing for the duration of the NEPO 5K event, drawing inspiration from Rococo concepts of the idle that will be contrasted against the physical endurance of the act.

I hope to see you all there!


Get ready! This boundary-blurring, community-involving, city-loving art event is slowly sauntering into existence once again!

On Saturday September 7th 2013 NEPO House is proud to present the third iteration of NEPO 5k DON'T RUN, a 5km art walk from the International District to Beacon Hill. The route will be packed with over 60 projects: visual art and sculptural installations, interactive artworks, poetry readings, video projections, sound installations, music and theatrical performances. Artists will install and perform along the ordinary city streets, in garages, a pagoda, meadows along a bike path, below a bridge and under a freeway overpass. Every aspect of this walk is a creative happening – a visual and symbolic experiment in creating a more enjoyable world through active participation.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7th 2013, 12 - 8 PM
ADMISSION $10 (children are free)


Kate Clark and Alexandria Kewitt / Robert Hardgrave / Nathaniel Russell / Timothy Cross, Casey Keeler and Ephraim Russell / Taylor Pinton / Rumi Koshino / Sol Hashemi / Serrah Russell / Drew Miller / Nicki Sucec / Graham Downing / Carolyn Law / Erin Pike and Flatchestedmama / Paul Komada and Nicholas Nyland / Sarah Galvin, Riley Christiansen and Willie Fitzgerald / Kat Larson / Brandon Aleson and Jesse Montini-Vose / Virginia Wilcox / Vanessa DeWolf, Lydia Swartz and Christin Call / A K Mimi Allin / Chris Burnside / Francesca Lohmann / Rodrigo Valenzuela and Anastasia Hill / Jess Klein and D.K. Pan / GENDER TENDER (Syniva Whitney, Will Courtney and guests) / Adam Boehmer / Nat Evans / Julia Freeman and Ben von Wildenhaus / Julia Haack / Tara Atkinson and Justin Duffus / meadow starts with p / Erin Elyse Burns and Alwyn O'Brien / Erin Frost / Kathryn Rathke, Jake Nelson and Barry Wright / Magdalena Hill / Alan Petty and Dakota Gearhart / Pete Fleming / Max Kraushaar / Keeara Rhoades / JD Banke / Lindsey Apodaca and Tarrah / Saya Moriyasu / Hanita Schwartz / PDL / Ruth Marie Tomlinson / Aaron Asis and Keith MacLean / Estee Clifford and Molly Sides / Midwest (Sean Johnson and Jason Wood) / Eric E. Aguilar / New Animals / Ken Turner / Mario Lemafa / Carolina Silva / Glenn Herlihy and Seanjohn Walsh / Alice Gosti / Maggie Carson Romano / Joel Kvernmo / Devon Midori Hale / Jennifer Zwick / Ryan Fedyk / Jared Bender / Jason Hirata.

REGISTRATION by Vis-a-Vis Society. MC: Joey Veltkamp. (12:00 - 3:00 pm)

ARTWALK (1:00 - 6:00 pm)

FINISH LINE entertainment, featuring music by Pollens and Iska Dhaaf, slideshow by SlideLuck, DJ, performances and more. Food trucks and beer garden. (5:30 - 8:00 pm)

Posters, maps and signs by: Jonathan Horn, Derek Erdman, Olivia McCausland, Aidain Fitzgerald and Jake Muilenberg.

Curated by Klara Glosova, Sierra Stinson and Zack Bent.

Visit: nepohouse.org
Contact: info@nepohouse.org

FB event page

This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture. This program is also supported, in part, by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission, and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). NEPO House is an Associated Program of Shunpike.



Both Are: a compound love story

June 5 2013

I am pleased to announce my participation in a group show curated by Serrah Russell at PRISM in Ballard, Seattle. Please join me this Saturday, June 8th from 7-10pm for the opening reception!

Here's the Press Release:

Both Are: a compound love story
A group exhibition inspired by J.D. Salinger's short stories, Franny and Zooey.
Curated by Serrah Russell

Opening Reception | June 8th, 2013, 7 - 10 pm
June 8 - July 25, 2013

Allison Manch
Amelia Hooning
Diane Bolme
Erin Elyse Burns
Hannah Russell
Maggie Carson Romano
Sierra Stinson

For Both Are: A Compound Love Story, seven artists were invited to create new work responding to J.D. Salinger's short stories, Franny and Zooey. Using video, photography, collage, drawing and embroidery, the works are varied and distinct as each artist finds inspiration in characters, themes and phrases within the dense work. The works speak to both the person and direction of the artist, as unique sources of inspiration combine and collide to tell their own story.

http://prismcollectionseattle.blogspot.com 5208 Ballard Avenue NW
 Seattle, WA 98107
 Open Daily, 11-7

tl_files/random images not in use/emptyvaporPR_text.jpg

Image credit: Erin Elyse Burns, The Empty Vapor, Video Still, 2013

Tickets Now Available for Litany Performances!

March 19 2013

Check it out! Reserve your spot for a performance of Litany on April 3rd or 5th!


Doors:                       6pm
1st Performance:    6:30pm
Q & A Discussion:  7pm
2nd Performance:  7:30pm

Installation Views of Litany at A Project Space

March 18 2013

Here are a few installation views of Litany as it evolves at A Project Space. The residency has been such a rewarding experience! Can't wait to see you all at the performances in April. Stayed tuned for more details.





Artist Residency at A Project Space: Opening Reception Tonight!

March 9 2013

Tonight is the opening of my new video work at a project space in Sodo. It has been an amazing week of installing and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to continue working in the space all month!

is a multi video projection piece that has been described as "like being inside a fog-filled cocoon."

I will be doing studio visits by appointment throughout the month of March, so if you're interested in visiting, drop me a line!

At the end of the residency, there will be a series of musical performances by my collaborator, Jeremiah Cawley, which will be reservation strongly encouraged (space is limited!) Check back for upcoming details here and here.

Here's a sneak peek with some installation snapshots: